Terms and Conditions

By becoming a client of VIP Cleaning York, you automatically agree to abide by the terms and conditions set out below. Minimum charge call out charge is just £28

T's & C's

  • When performing a regular or deep clean, tough and ingrained stains such as spills, limescale, mould, built up mineral deposits on shower screens, ingrained stains on carpets etc, are not guaranteed to be completely removed. For a thorough, in-depth clean, such as end of tenancy clean, a professional cleaning company or carpet cleaning company should be used. Please note that these services will be vastly more expensive.
  • With our oven refreshing service, all ovens get a thorough cleaning. Oven refreshing tackles grease and burnt on food and are disinfected. Tough burnt on stains and tough to tackle areas cannot be guaranteed to be removed, as this is the job of a deep and longer professional oven clean. Unless an oven is required to be in a 'like new' condition, such as for an end of tenancy, this is not usually needed. For a thorough, in-depth oven clean, such as end of tenancy clean, a professional oven cleaning company should be used. Please note that these services will be vastly more expensive and take a lot longer.
  • Large heavy items such as beds and wardrobes will not be moved during a clean. Couches and tables will be moved for a deeper clean during our 'deep cleans' but may be limited during a standard clean.
  • Baths and showers will be left wet for hygiene reasons. Please be careful when using these facilities shortly after our clean.
  • Some floors may be damp after mopping. Please be wary of this fact and careful on these surfaces.
  • Clients wishing to have their beds changed must leave the clean bedding on the stripped bed in order for the bed to be made. If one of our VIP housekeepers are asked to make beds/clean windows or other extra jobs, these will be completed for free if they can fit into the time allowed for the job to be completed, or other tasks such as polishing, high dusting and skirting boards may not be as thorough as on standard occasions. On any occasion where the job runs over by 15 minutes due to these 'extra tasks' the client may be charged a small fee of just £2.50 to cover these extra jobs. 
  • All prices quoted for cleans are what we judge will be correct for a certain property. However, if a job takes considerably less or considerably more time to complete due to the size and current state of the house, the price will be amended accordingly on the invoice.
  • If a client does not want an initial 'Deep Clean' a 'Mid Clean' may be conducted in order to get the property to a high standard and ready for regular cleans. A 'Mid Clean' is £25 per hour on top of a standard clean price. The length of time depends on how much works needs on the property to bring it to standard and is calculated in half an hour increments.
  • Homes with pets that shed a lot of hair may not be able to receive the same level of regular cleaning results compared to a home that has no pets.
  • Payments must be received within 24 hours of a clean if paying via bank transfer or direct debit. Payments in cash can be left in a designated area for us to collect after the clean has been completed. We can also accept card payments if the client is at the address at any time during the clean.
  • Cancellations, change of date or time must be given with at least 24 hours notice. Changes cannot be guaranteed. Occasionally we may be required to change a date or time of a scheduled clean with little notice. The client will be contacted and informed about these changes.
  • Each client will receive a £10 discount on every 10th clean (10th, 20th, 30th etc.) 
  • Each client will receive a £10 discount for each friend that they refer after the referred friend completes their 3rd clean with us.
  • The VIP gifts provided are selected according to amount spent on the clean and the gifts may vary. VIP cleaning York are not responsible for any adverse reactions from gifts due to a client's allergies. Our treat selection may contain dairy, wheat, gluten and traces of nuts. If unsure what edible gifts contain, please contact us before consuming. All pet treats are high quality from standard and recognised pet brands. If you are allergic to any ingredient please let us know prior and we will not include this in your VIP gift hamper. Please act responsibly with VIP gifts and consume responsibly.
  • It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that security measures are in place, such as surveillance and lock box for key holding etc.
  • Any client wishing for VIP Cleaning York to hold the keys to their property must provide us with a spare key. Keys will be returned to the client upon termination of cleaning services.
  • VIP Cleaning York employees may arrive 15 minutes either side of the agreed cleaning time, due to the occasional clean taking longer and traffic etc. If the arrival time will be longer than this, you will be contacted by your cleaner.
  • We have the right to refuse a job at the start of a clean or during a clean, if we deem the client's behavior to be inappropriate, which includes hostility, rudeness or constant scrutinizing of our work. No refund will be given in these circumstances as we and our staff expect to be treated fairly when working.
  • When running a promotion, any discount off a first clean is for clients wanting regular cleans and the client agrees to having a minimum of 3 cleans after the initial clean has taken place. If the client cancels before having 3 subsequent cleans then the price of 3 standard cleans will be charged. Discounts are only on cleans and does not include carpet cleaning, oven, fridge or any extras.
  • Our claim that we can't be beaten on price or service is comparing ourselves to other professional cleaning companies who hold the same insurance as ourselves. We will beat any quote by these companies.
  • Unless previously agreed, and with extra payment, we will not clean up after parties or events. In cases where we deem spaces to be in unacceptable conditions that violate the terms and conditions, we will leave the unacceptable areas uncleaned with no refund. In terms of washing up, we will wash up an acceptable amount of items (approx 10 minutes worth) Anything that we feel is unacceptable, such as burnt on pans and too many items, will not be washed.