See below for your frequently asked questions

How do you work out the pricing?

Although not charging a set fee per hour, we do have set time restraints per job. Larger homes that provide us more work per job will receive discounted rates. We always quote for what we believe is a realistic time per job. If the client feels that more or less time is required then cleaning times/prices can of course be altered accordingly.

Usually most homes do require an initial deep or mid cleaning to bring the property up to a high standard which can then be maintained by weekly or two weekly cleaning. If the initial clean does require extra time then this will be reflected on the invoice.


What are the VIP gifts?

VIP Cleaning York is the cleaning company that gives back!

On the initial clean and on every 10th clean you will receive VIP treats and if you have any pets they will also be treated like VIP's with special gifts (gifts will vary). Remember, all regular clients also get 15% off any extra services, such as deep cleaning, fridge cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.

**If you would prefer not to receive VIP gifts, just let us know **

Do you use your own products?

Yes! A lot of companies ask clients to buy all the products in for them to use, but at VIP Cleaning York we use all of our own products including our beautiful smelling, high quality products, top quality vacuums and mops.

Do we need to be at the property while you clean?

You, your children and your pets are of course very welcome to be at the property while the clean takes place. Due to working and convenience, most clients are not, or choose not, to be in while we clean their home. This is why key holding services or key storage is vital for many clients. There are a few good options and each individual client may have their chosen favourite. The two main options are:

  1. Allowing us to keep a spare key for your property that we will use personally ourselves and never allow anyone else to possess. We are professionally insured for our key holding service.
  2. To have a small secure key storage unit fixed to the wall outside of the property that we can access with either a pin code or another key that we keep for this purpose. The client can choose to leave the key in the secure unit only on days that cleans will take place. This option guarantees that no key to the property will be accessible at any time other than on cleaning days.  

Do we have to sign a contract or commit to minimum hours?

Unlike many other cleaning companies, VIP Cleaning York have no lengthy contracts to sign and no minimum hours to stick to per week. This means when you go on holiday, a family member is poorly or you simply wish to skip a clean, then you can of course hold off on cleaning. To keep a regular client's spot, we do need to charge 50% of the usual cleaning price if we are unable to find alternative work to cover that slot. However, we do advise that a client wishing to skip a clean to allow us to come and do 50% of the usual time or to do specialist jobs such as blind cleaning, fridge cleaning, deeper cleaning of the kitchen etc. which will then mean we are still providing a service for you, but at half the usual cost.

Will we have the same VIP Housekeeper for every clean?

Your initial clean and free risk assessment of the property will be carried out by ourselves, owners Ben and Gary. We will then assign you with one of our amazing, friendly and professionally trained VIP housekeepers and they will stay with you. Having the same VIP housekeeper helps to grow trust and provides a perfect partnership for keeping your home spic and span. 

Do I get anything for referring a friend?

If you are a client of VIP Cleaning York you will receive a £25 after your friend has completed their 5th clean, and your friend gets their 5th clean 50% off!
We like to reward our valued clients.

What is your client satisfaction guarantee?

If you any reason you are not fully satisfied with a clean (we very much doubt this will be the case) then we will come and put anything right for you free of charge or provide a discount when applicable

Are you professionally trained?

Not only have we come from high end 4 and 5 star hotel backgrounds, but we have undergone in-depth professional cleaning training and received CPD certification upon qualification. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities. We train our VIP employees to the same 5 star standards so we can provide our clients with the very best VIP results, and for a cheaper price than most other cleaning companies offer.