Here at VIP Cleaning York we handle everything via email so no initial time
consuming house inspection is required.

Please see below for more details on our extremely competitive VIP cleaning services

Regular cleaning

weekly or fortnightly home cleaning services in York. 

Every home is different which is why we offer custom quoting. For a general rule of our prices and timings please see below, and for a quote for regular cleaning, please answer the questions on our 'Contact Us' page and we will get back to with all the details needed to book you on to our VIP client list. 

Our regular cleaning is completed by job, not by the hour, which means we get the full home completed each and every time, unlike a lot of other domestic cleaning companies AND usually at a cheaper rate. With cleaning services, the quicker and more efficient you are, the quicker the job gets done but the end result is always the same high quality.

Please see our FAQ's regarding our cleaning prices.

Deep Cleaning

Our ‘Deep’ cleans are more in depth that help to prepare a property for a regular clean. If your property has not recently been thoroughly cleaned, we would advise one of our ‘Deep Cleans’ to prepare your property for regular cleaning. For all deep cleans we do ask that the home is vacant while we work.

All deep cleans will be completed with 2 cleaners, equivalent to 1 cleaner taking double the amount of time.
All prices quoted for cleans are what we judge will be correct for a certain property. However, if a job takes a lot less or a lot more time to complete due to the size and current state of the house, the price will be altered on the invoice.  Please contact us for a quote  

Carpet Cleaning

(vacuuming and deep washing)

Carpets can look clean on the surface, however, dirt and dust can be embedded deep within the fibers. This can result in allergy aggravation and contaminate anything that touches the carpets with bacteria. We use professional hot water extraction with carpet cleaning fluid to give your carpets a new lease of life and left smelling fresh.

We will move smaller items when washing carpets but larger items (such as beds, couches wardrobes etc) must be removed prior to arriving, unless you want us to wash and vacuum around these items. Carpets dry in approximately 2 – 4 hours.

For a custom quote please let us know how many carpets need cleaning by room, the condition of the carpets and the rough size of the room (small, medium or large) for example; a small would be a spare small bedroom or storage room, a medium would be a bedroom, larger would be a through lounge. We also do stairs and rugs. Photo's would also help if the carpets are heavily stained/dirty.

Please note: 100% stain removal is not guaranteed

Oven Refreshing

We no longer offer oven cleaning. General hob cleaning is included during each standard or deep clean

Fridge Cleaning

  • Single Fridge - £18 - £24 depending on amount of items, spills and stains.

Sink / bath or shower unblocking

  • £5 per sink / bath or shower

Leather/Material Furniture Cleaning

(includes washing/polishing/waxing)

Please note: 100% stain removal is not guaranteed

  • Dining Chair - £6
  • Office Chair - £10
  • Armchair - £20
  • Two seater sofa - £38
  • Three seater sofa - £48
  • Four seater sofa - £58
  • Five seater sofa - £68
  • Six seater sofa - £78
  • Foot Stool - £10

Want your bins taking out? Your bed making? Your washing up done? Leave it to us, and at no extra charge!
(see terms and conditions for details)