The VIP Team

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Ben and Gary Auker - Founders & CEO's

VIP Cleaning York is a family created cleaning company in York founded by identical twin brothers,  Ben and Gary. They both achieved a '1st' BA degree in business and management and completed the highest training in domestic cleaning standards. The brothers have come from a guest relations management background within 4* and 5* hotels in York and now use their vast knowledge of creating the very best customer experience and satisfaction within their own high end cleaning company, while offering highly competitive rates which are more affordable than many of their competitors. They pride their company on providing a VIP service without the VIP price tag.

Fun fact about the twins: They both have the exact same dreams (being on stage juggling, back at school but don't know their lesson plan or being really good ice skaters) and frequently on the exact same night. SPOOKY! They can also wobble their eyes... twins are strange creatures.

Ellie - VIP Housekeeper

Ellie started working in hospitality in 2009 while at college studying an art and design course. She worked as a room attendant for a while and then a housekeeping supervisor for a while longer. She left England to travel and cleaned her way across Australia and New Zealand. Ellie worked in motel campsites in the middle of nowhere, fancy 5-star hotels in the city and everything else in between. She worked for herself and others cleaning air bnb properties and family homes. Ellie is now pleased (we like to think ecstatic!) to be part of the VIP Cleaning York family. 

Fun fact about Ellie - She can solve a Rubik's cube in 60 seconds... so she says! But after a few drinks, she can barely solve it at all!

Ashleigh - VIP Housekeeper

Ashleigh has spent many years in customer service and
management, and over a seven year period she travelled and worked in high end hospitality and cleaning in New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia, Europe and Canada. She has now returned to the UK permanently and we are delighted to have her as part of the VIP family. 

Fun fact about Ashleigh- She was electrocuted by a swarm of little fish while swimming in New Zealand.  OUCH! (not sure that she thought it was a fun fact at the time)